Patients are treated in all needed aspects of pediatric dentistry in a non-threatening atmosphere where the parents could accompany their children to the treatment room if they choose to.

Dr. Eid believes that the parents’ presence especially for the younger children is beneficial for the child’s psyche. Therefore we welcome the parent to accompany the child and help with managing their behavior.

Aesthetic Dentistry for children

Young children start caring about their esthetics (looks) in different degrees, girls for instance are more intuitively inclined to notice their teeth at a younger age than boys and it all ranges between 2-6 year olds, so maintaining nice white pearly teeth is of importance to both parents and children. Dr. Eid acknowledges this fact and has never used amalgam (silver) filings since he graduated dental school in 1996 for the previous reason and because the composite filings (white) are more conservative to the tooth structure and can be detected if failed at an earlier stage.

In the recent years Dr. Eid started using the colored fillings (blue, pink, green, orange, etc.) only on the primary teeth and he has had great success rate as a restoration, and a smashing hit with the children. Kids are more inclined to cooperate for a filling if it is the color of their choice, and they feel really proud about their selection, and they improve their oral hygiene to maintain the luster of these filings.

Management of dental trauma and injuries to the teeth or the supporting structures

Dr. Eid has done some extensive research on aesthetic restoration for traumatized teeth; his master’s thesis was on the strength of these types of restorations on fractured anterior teeth. He has lectured nationwide about the management of traumatized teeth and the best way to prevent them.

Management of tongue-ties and other periodontal problems

It has been noted in the dental literature that ankyloglossia (tongue-ties) has been to some extent associated with narrow maxillary (upper) dental arch that might affect the growth and development of the teeth and lead to crowding and malalignment.