Here at Happy Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics we monitor a child’s oro-facial development from their early years. We interfere by modifying the growth and development of the child at the appropriate time in order to improve the final outcome of the treatment, to un-complicate difficult cases, and to cut the treatment time shorter than usual.

Orthodontic treatment (Braces) go hand and hand with caring for the cleanliness of the teeth. Here at Happy Kids we strive to keep the patients focused not only on the alignment of their teeth, but also on preventing cavities from starting. All of our professional cleaning appointments are scheduled in conjunction with the orthodontic check appointments maximizing efficiency and giving us access to better clean the child’s teeth while minimizing visits for the parents.

Why do Braces at Happy Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics?

Because we are your knowledgeable resource for combined total oral health care and orthodontics at the same time throughout the growth and development of your child.